Westside Therapist is a group psychologists (psychotherapists) providing psychotherapy counseling. We are also a psychotherapy resource for adults and teens living in the Santa Monica area. We service the greater LA area with the majority of our clients from West Santa Monica, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, West Hollywood and other area of Southern California. We can help with addiction and recovery, depression, anxiety and relationship issues. In the Santa Monica area, finding the right psychotherapist (psychologist) can make all the difference.


It's Not About Sex WorkbookThis intimate guide offers readers step-by-step suggestions to build traction and create momentum in any stage of healing through illuminating case studies, memoir snapshots, as well as applicable action steps. The book presents a forward-thinking wellness model that takes the whole person into consideration rather than pathologizing or dwelling on sexual compulsivity of the past. Utilizing the tools of positive psychology, attachment theory, and nervous system regulation, readers are challenged to leverage their resilience and resourcefulness. Critical issues such as spirituality and mindfulness provide a purposeful soul-searching toward well-being and vitality. For use in conjunction with therapy, twelve-step groups or as a self-help workbook, this book focuses on the present and the future with an emphasis on the establishment of deeper connection and cultivating greater life fulfillment beyond compulsive sexual behavior.

About SexEnding compulsive sexual behavior is just the beginning. Drawing on personal and professional experience, psychotherapist Andrew Susskind examines issues such as shame, grief, narcissism, and co-dependency to demonstrate how people use out-of-control sexual behavior to cope with broken-heartedness. He offers strategies to cultivate sustainable sexual sobriety, sharing his own healing narrative, as well as those of others who’ve chosen to bear their truths. No one is ever too hurt or isolated to achieve reliable relationships and emotional intimacy. This is a guidebook for every person seeking long-term healing from out-of-control sexual behavior.

From Now OnRecovery from addiction is not a cookie-cutter process. Every addict experiences addiction differently, and every addict has a unique path of recovery. This workbook will complement your existing approaches to recovery whether they are 12-step programs, treatment centers, psychotherapy, and/or coaching.

Purposeful recovery is a hybrid term to describe another dimension of addiction recovery which isn't always emphasized in the traditional places where one receives support. By using a strengths-based approach derived from both coaching and positive psychology, you'll have the opportunity to revitalize dormant aspects of yourself. As a result, the possibilities of adding deeper meaning and clearer direction to your recovery will expand and become more and more evident to you.

The exercises in this book will help you stretch beyond your comfort zone as you move into the next chapter of recovery. Thinking bigger than ever before will reveal limitless possibilities as you create purpose and direction.


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Interview: VoyageLA, October 28, 2019

VoyageLA Magazine
Meet Andrew Susskind

Today we’d like to introduce you to Andrew Susskind. Andrew, can you briefly walk us through your story – how you started and how you got to where you are today. I was destined to be a therapist from the time I was conceived. Born into a family that loved one another but didn’t know how to love one another, I became the mediator and peacemaker. My parents did their best raising four boys, and I was the baby of the family although at times, I felt the burden of taking care of the rest of them.

In 1988 I graduated from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst with an undergraduate degree in psychology and migrated to Los Angeles to be closer to my aunt and cousins, my family of choice. In 1991 I finished my MSW degree from UCLA with the intention of pursuing a career in psychotherapy. For ten years, I worked in hospice programs as well as Kaiser’s psychiatry and addiction departments while at the same time developing a private practice. With the guidance of several mentors along the way, I transitioned into full-time private practice in 2003.

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Article: Recovery View, June 4, 2020

Recovery View Online Journal
Andrew Susskind

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