Westside Therapist is a group psychologists (psychotherapists) providing psychotherapy counseling. We are also a psychotherapy resource for adults and teens living in the Santa Monica area. We service the greater LA area with the majority of our clients from West Santa Monica, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, West Hollywood and other area of Southern California. We can help with addiction and recovery, depression, anxiety and relationship issues. In the Santa Monica area, finding the right psychotherapist (psychologist) can make all the difference.

Take Five:
A Series of Guided Relaxation Exercises

Many of us have difficulty slowing down. The art of rest and relaxation is generally not encouraged in our culture, and the pressure to stay busy and productive often leads to anxiety or burnout.

The following relaxation exercises were developed with you in mind. Give yourself approximately five minutes for each guided experience as you create more capacity to exhale.

Ep. 29 Progressive Muscle Relaxation (8 min)

Ep. 40 Catch Your Breath (4 min)

Ep. 48 Grounding Exercise (5 min)

Ep. 61 Gratitude Guided Imagery (5 min)

Ep. 65 A Peaceful Place Guided Meditation (8 min)

Ep. 69 A Day at the Beach Guided Imagery (8 min)

Ep. 84 Visioning Exercise (6:30 min)

Ep. 93 Guided Meditation for Working with Difficulties (7 min)

Ep. 105 Lovingkindness Meditation (9 min)


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