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It’s Not About The Sex is a podcast based on the book by the same name. Psychotherapist Andrew Susskind examines issues such as shame, grief, narcissism, and codependency to demonstrate how people use out-of-control sexual behavior to cope with broken heartedness. Each podcast he interviews experts who share fresh perspectives and strategies for other clinicians as well as those in recovery from problematic sexual behaviors.

Podcast #1: Leslie Quinn, LMFT, relationship specialist.

Podcast #2: David Fawcett — Chemsex.

Podcast #3: Andrew Susskind Conversation.

Robert Weiss, Ph.D., MSW

“Healing Trauma and Addiction Through Connection”

Rob is joined with colleague and friend Andrew Susskind in today’s episode to talk about the issues that surround recovery and healing. They discuss what to expect during recovery, and where some may still be stuck even if they are moving forward. Andrew is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, Brainspotting Practitioner and Certified Group Psychotherapist.

Carol Sheets, LCSW, Certified Sex Addiction Therapist.

“Sexual Compulsivity is Not About Sex”

Carol the Coach is interviewing Andrew Susskind, a psychotherapist and author who believes that sex addiction is really about brokenheartedness. His new book, “It’s Not About the Sex: Moving from Isolation to Intimacy after Sexual Addiction” helps people heal their broken hearts while developing perspective toward living a fuller life in recovery. He maintains that sexual addiction is not about sex…hear why he believes it is about lack of connection.