Happy New Year and welcome to the Winter edition of Westside Notes. Itís been awhile since my last newsletter, and I do hope this New Year finds you healthy and in good spirits. As I continue to settle into my new Santa Monica office, I get a bit nostalgic for these past three decades Iíve shared with associates, clients and colleagues and the gratitude I hold for being given the opportunity to stay on my growing edge while helping others do the same.

Now I look forward to developing another meaningful clinical experience as I put together a Zoom Consultation Group. Here are the details:

  • Ongoing meetings every other Thursday from 11:30am-12:45pm.
  • 6-month initial commitment.
  • Fee: $100 per session.
  • A space to share challenges and clinical dilemmas with the intention of learning about oneself and helping others learn about themselves.
  • A case consultation group — not an academic group (no articles to read)
  • Individual preparatory sessions required to see if the group is a good match for a prospective group member.

At a time when many of us may feel like the lone ranger in our offices, I look forward to creating an open, honest space for clinical camaraderie, connection and community.

For more details, listen to my recent podcast episode or read my latest blog post. Needless to say, Iím eager to bring this group together and Iím looking for two more group members to get started. So please keep the group in mind and forward this information to anyone who might benefit.

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Call for Podcast Guests:

If you know anyone who would like to be a guest on our podcast, please let me knowówhether that be you or someone you know. Donít be shy if you have something beneficial to share related to recovery from trauma and/or compulsive sexual behavior. I would love to talk with you about being a guest!

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Please visit my blog at www.purposefulrecovery.com for all archived posts.

Wishing you a year with love and resilience as we continue to move through these highly-unusual times together.



Winter 2023, Vol. 17, Issue 55

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  • Zoom Consultation Group
  • Recent Podcast Episodes
  • Call for Podcast Guests
  • Recent Blog Posts

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