All I know is that I know nothing.
— Socrates

After 26 years of private practice, I'm happy to report that I still get to learn beside my clients every day, and more recently with those who have gravitated toward Brainspotting. As we cover new clinical and neuroscientific ground together, I feel like a pioneer playing in uncharted territory. Socrates describes it quite well, and I also feel that as much as we know, we really don't know.

Introducing Jen Davis, M.A.

This summer I invited a very talented associate named Jen Davis to join my practice. Jen is a marriage and family therapy intern who came directly from Counseling West in Sherman Oaks in addition to a lifetime of personal and professional experiences which led her to this particular calling. In September, she completed the first module of Brainspotting training and is eager to deepen her work from a brain-body perspective. After joining the practice just a few months ago, I feel confident recommending Jen without reservation, and please keep in mind that she has evening and weekend appointments as well as a sliding scale. (Jen's bio)

Doors Opening, Doors Closing

I'm thrilled to let you know that my intern, Andrew Oldershaw has passed his exam and is now a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT). It's been my pleasure to watch his growth within the practice, and I look forward to future collaborations. Andrew has already set up a beautiful new Beverly Hills office and can be reached at or 310.954.1560.

As a result of Andrew's departure, I now have an opening for a new intern: Part-time, post-graduate associate/intern position available for BBS-registered MSW associate or MFT intern. Addictions experience required; group and somatic therapy experience preferred. Prefer candidates with fewer than 1500 hours toward licensure. Some referrals available but will need to build practice as well. To apply for this position, email CV to

Monday Night Group Opening

My Monday night co-ed group now has an opening for a female groupmember. Why a female you may ask? There's something called the Noah's Ark Principle, which implies that, as group therapists, we try to keep the group balanced with men and women, ethnic background, age, sexual orientation, etc. Currently, I have a female groupmember moving out-of-state, so I'm seeking a woman to fill her space and maintain the balance. This well-established group has been meeting for almost six years, and group sessions are held weekly on Mondays from 6-7:30pm. For more information, please contact me directly with your questions.

Review of GPALA's Spring Conference 2017:

What's Authority got to do with it? The Problem and Promise of Power as a Group Leader, Presenter: Katie Griffin, MA, LPC, CGP, FAGPA

Katie Griffin skillfully facilitated a powerful weekend experience as we explored the dynamics of authority and power in group leadership. Although I've been leading groups for many years, I never examined my role through this lens, and she was a dynamic facilitator and role model for everyone in attendance. I was so impressed with Katie's expertise that I recently joined her training group, and it provides me with yet another example of the limitless learning available in this field.

I wish all of you a very pleasant fall season as well as peaceful holidays.

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Fall 2017

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