Only those who will risk going too far
can possibly find out how far one can go.

— T.S. Eliot

Taking risks is vulnerable territory for most of us. Recently, I've been asking clients if they would like to try Brainspotting, a mind-body-based modality that helps individuals process overwhelming, sometimes traumatic experiences. For many of my clients, they're willing to stretch outside one's so-called comfort zone. As a result, they're feeling relief from burdens of the past while regulating their nervous systems toward greater well-being. It inspires me to witness clients breaking free of the well-worn paths they know so well. Would you like to know more? Click here.

Private Practice Internship

I'm currently accepting applications for an MFT intern or MSW associate as follows:

Part-time, post-graduate associate/intern position available for BBS-registered MSW associate or MFT intern. Addictions experience required; group and somatic therapy experience preferred. Prefer candidates with fewer than 1500 hours toward licensure. Some referrals available but will need to build practice as well. To apply for this position, email CV to

Decoding the Tablecloth:
A Must-See Production

Recently, I had the opportunity in New York to see this incredibly powerful play which integrates themes of immigration, abandonment, separation, family and love. Not only was it a beautifully-acted piece, but it portrayed a version of my own family's immigration in the early 1900s. I was deeply moved by Gabriela Kohen's performance and hope you'll join me in June as part of a fundraiser for AGPA and GPALA. Here are more specific details:

Critically acclaimed New York actress, playwright, and drama therapist, Gabriela Kohen, will perform her autobiographical one-woman show Decoding the Tablecloth at Congregation Kol Ami at 7.30, Saturday, June 17. She will also perform on Sunday, June 18 in Venice at Beyond Baroque at 3 pm. There will be a wine and cheese reception after each performance.

Advance admission is $100. Student admission is $80. Admission is a tax-deductible donation to the Group Foundation for Advancing Mental Health. Advance payment must be made by contacting the Group Foundation at 1-877-668-2472.

Read more . . .

GPALA's Spring Conference:
Friday 5/19 and Saturday 5/20

What's Authority got to do with it? The Problem
and Promise of Power as a Group Leader,
Presenter: Katie Griffin, MA, LPC, CGP, FAGPA.

I hope you'll join me for another exciting experiential event next month with GPALA, the Group Psychotherapy Association of Los Angeles. Whether you lead groups or not, this will be an opportunity to learn about yourself and others in the context of this provocative theme.

Authority and power are two terms with different meanings, often misunderstood, widely conflated, and, usually, evoking multiple responses in different dimensions of our experience. This conference explores, through didactic and experiential methods, the group leader's relationship to both concepts. It provides an opportunity to understand the transformative potential in groups conducted by leaders who comprehend the effectiveness of authority as creative, generative, and expansive. The risks, both to the dynamism of the group and to the enjoyment of the work by the leader, associated with unacknowledged needs in the group leader for evidence of power will be examined.

12 CEUs will be offered upon completion of course.

Scholarships are available.

Click here to register.

Camden Center Workshops

In March, Eddie Hunt, MFT and I co-facilitated a 3-hour coaching workshop entitled From Now On for the Camden Center of Los Angeles. Our team of therapists in the Overland Suite has been developing a workshop series for the Camden Center with such themes as Family Impact, Sober Sex and Mind-Body Connection which will be offered throughout 2017. We look forward to rolling out this project further.

As Spring unfolds, I wish you a very safe, pleasant season.

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