The attempt to escape from pain is, what creates more pain.
— Gabor Matť

We are finally in the homestretch of 2020 and I implore you to vote if you havenít already. More than ever, itís vital to make your voice heard, and the stakes are high. As we know, itís been an extraordinary year complete with the pandemic, a vibrant BLM movement, an election cycle as well as some horrific natural disasters.

In spite of it all, Iíve decided to focus this ezine on gratitude as an attempt to create some counterbalance to it all. I hope each of you find emotional nourishment and encourage you to lean into the love in your life.

My Version of Emotional Nourishment:

  • Spend time with my dog, Bowie
  • Listen to my favorite music
  • Read a book (recently, The Dutch House and The Empathís Survival Guide)
  • Take in nature: day trips around Southern California
  • Attend an on-line 12step meeting
  • Go to a Zoom book club
  • Learn to cook a new recipe
  • Meditate daily
  • Stretch daily
  • Take free yoga classes on YouTube
  • Invite a friend to take a social distancing walk
  • Play Zoom Yahtzee
  • Make a gratitude list

Office Relocation

I have been so fortunate to call my Overland suite my professional home for the past twelve years. Unfortunately, my landlord will be expanding his business and taking over my space on November 1st. Itís a bittersweet ending, but the timing works well as I plan to temporarily work exclusively from home. I have a lead on a new office space and plan to pursue it when it becomes available so Iíll keep you posted. In the meantime, I will always look back with appreciation and will move forward with a fresh start.

Call for Podcast Guests

My friend and podcast producer, Sue Merlino helped me launch my podcast (Itís Not About the Sex) in the Spring of 2019, and we have released two podcasts per month which can be found on iTunes, Spotify, Podbean or through my website www.westsidetherapist.com. Sue has not only been my talented producer but also an essential part of our podcast conversations related to my book. Itís been a fun project, and I realize that I really do like podcasting in spite of my original ambivalence. If youíre interested in being a guest or you have any suggestions for a guest, let me know.

Blogging: My Best-Kept Secret

Before my book was released in June of 2019, I started blogging more consistently ó Today in Recovery. Iíve actually been dabbling in the blogging world for many years, but my virtual admin, Mike Johnsen, re-designed it after it crashed two years ago. Mike and I started collaborating in 2005, and I feel so grateful for his loyalty and integrity these past fifteen years. The blog has now been up and running, and I generally post twice a month on a topic related to addictions and trauma. Like podcasting, itís a newer territory, but one that has meaning for me as I hold the intention toward de-stigmatizing addiction. Please visit my blog at www.purposefulrecovery.com.

Social Media Update

My social media designer, Mike Merlino is not only creative and dependable, but he is also the younger son of my podcasting buddy, Sue. Nowadays, I think it takes someone of Mikeís generation to help me stay current, and I so appreciate him keeping the ball rolling on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. I post three times a week on Marketing Mondays, Wisdom Wednesdays and Feed Fridays so check me out there.

Holiday Gift Idea: Itís Not About the Sex

The holidays are just around the corner, and I appreciate you keeping my book in mind for those who may benefit: Anyone in recovery from addictive, compulsive behaviors, loved ones of addicts, mental health clinicians and addiction specialists just to name a few. Here is one testimonial: This groundbreaking book fills a huge gap in helping sex addicts take the next steps toward sustainable, long-term recovery as they realize their fullest potential for intimacy.
Alexandra Katehakis, PhD, Author,
Sex Addiction as Affect Dysregulation

Be safe, be well, and be resilient,

Fall 2020

In This Gratitude Issue:

  • Office Relocation
  • Call for Podcast Guests
  • Blogging: My Best-Kept Secret
  • Social Media Update
  • Holiday Gift Idea

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