Westside Notes

“It is not enough to be busy...
The question is: what are we busy about?”

                                     — Henry David Thoreau

Welcome to the summer issue of Westside Notes. I've just returned from vacationing in Spain as well as attending a family wedding there, and I'm reminded of the part of me that doesn't have to be so busy all of the time. As a matter of fact, it was quite the opposite experience—unscheduled, flexible, go-with-the-flow time with family and friends. I aspire to infusing these qualities into my L.A. lifestyle but have fallen short as I tend to regress back into my "busyness" more times than not. Maybe sharing this intention with you will be a step in the direction of borrowing from my Spain experience and transporting it here to the West Coast.


Resource of the Month:
The Gifts of Imperfection,
by Brené Brown, PhD, LMSW

Some of you may be familiar with the Ted Talk on YouTube entitled The Power of Vulnerability which went viral back in January of 2011. I believe there are a few reasons it became so popular so fast: 1–Brené Brown is a down-to-earth, funny engaging speaker. 2–Her talk was based on 10 years of researching shame, fear and vulnerability. And 3–She speaks about universal topics which are not widely discussed outside of a therapy office. After reading her book, the Gifts of Imperfection, it developed and expanded the 20 minute YouTube presentation into a 130-page, easily-read and understood book that I was able to read on a long plane ride. In general, I'm not the fastest reader, but I read the book and felt like I was listening to her share her ideas with me over a cup of coffee. It's certainly a worthwhile read for both professionals and clients. If nothing else, check out the YouTube video--you'll be glad you did. The Power of Vulnerability


Associate Update

I feel very fortunate to have two very talented associates in my practice, Edward ("Eddie") Hunt, M.A. and Annabel Raymond, M.A. Eddie has been part of the practice for more than two years, has completed his hours toward licensure and is anticipating his exam process while Annabel joined the practice at the beginning of the year and has already demonstrated her passion for private practice. Eddie recently launched a men's group after a lot of perseverance and both Eddie and Annabel see clients on a sliding scale and have both evening and weekend availability. For more detailed bios, please visit their individual associates pages of my website.

Edward Hunt, M.A. 310.477.7750
Eddie's Webpage

Annabel Raymond, M.A. 310.740.1969
Annabel's Webpage


Seeking New Associate

Historically, I've had two associates in my practice at any one time, and with Eddie's upcoming transition I'm already planting the seeds for a new associate as follows: Part-time, post-graduate position available for MSW associate or MFT intern. Addictions experience required, group and bereavement experience preferred. Prefer less than 1000 hours toward licensure. email resumé to andrew@westsidetherapist.com.


Current Group Openings

Men’s Psychotherapy Group
Mondays 8 – 9:30pm
Edward Hunt, M.A.
(current openings)

Co-ed Psychotherapy Group
Mondays 6 – 7:30pm
Andrew Susskind, LCSW
(1 space available)

Men's Psychotherapy Group
Wednesdays 7 – 8:30pm
Andrew Susskind, LCSW
(1 space available)

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Summer 2012

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Andrew Susskind
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Andrew Susskind
Edward Hunt, M.A.

Andrew Susskind
Annabel Raymond, M.A.

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